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Sunday, September 28, 2008

POV and Project of the Month

The previous post mentioned the POV project whilst lacking some detail or any conclusion for the matter. The POV project was completed and looked really great on open day. Unfortunately we ran out of time to get the wireless updates running but is successfully wrote LA TROBE pretty clearly through the lab causing lots of people to point and stare. A page on my website has now been created for the POV.
This project was the first of a new initiative which has been named 'Project of the Month' - for lack of a better name. Basically it is a staff/student mentorship program which aims to address three key areas:
- Many staff have ideas small projects they would like to create but don't have the time
- Many students want extra project experience but need some direction and motivation and will benefit hugely skills wise
- The more presentations at Open Day the better - and many of these types of projects would be more than suitable
I supervised the first 'Project of the Month' and a rather bright third year student (Duc) completed the project. It is preferrable to keep the projects short so that it doesn't interfer too much with other academic activities for both staff and students. Right now I have half a whiteboard full of project ideas - so it looks like it will be a fun summer.
If anyone has any other ideas for a short project please send them through.


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