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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bus Addressable Motor Driver

Information on the motor shrouds is coming but will be delayed another couple of days as I didn't follow the measure first rule and made them too small to fit over the propellers. The new 100mm shrouds have now been made and will be fitted in the next few days.
On the topic of motors - another interesting little board inside the ROV is the motor control board. I decided to make this generic as possible so it can be reused in different vehicles (including my PhD project!) in different conditions with minimum overhead.
Here are the specs:
- Bi-Directional motor driver up to 4A (implemented using a H-Bridge made up of FETs) (with heavier wiring we could go higher)
- Microprocessor driven
- H-Bridge shoot-through logical prevention
- Bus operated - connect up to 4 on the same bus line and refer to each by a different address
- With the flick of a switch it accepts a direct PWM and direction signal rather than the serial addressed scheme
A website for this has been thrown up too.


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