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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Student projects

Every year I've been teaching at uni I have been supervising some pretty interesting and cool final year student projects. In the past these have included submarines, walking robots, flying robots, intelligent taps and even some robosoccer action. This year promises the same with a number of UAV guidance and targetting systems, Rubik's cube solving robots, in-car CAN bus monitors and even a (minature) Segway!
For now though I have some videos from some of last years rad projects:

Peter's Quad rotor helicopter:

Duc's Insectabot:

Daniel, Evan and Ruskin's Soccerbot:


Blogger Noah said...

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2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good day Sir, I am a mechanical engineering student at the university of Benin, benin city. I'd like to start working on my project now as against next year. I percieve you can be of great help to me as per guidance and recommendation of textbooks and even Ideas to successfully completing my project. I may not be top of my class but I'm a fast learner. If u r interested in helping I'd be grateful. U can contact me on facebook. Dubamo Aginighan or my email: thanks!!

8:26 PM  

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