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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Course material availablity

To get around some shortcomings in the current method of course material disemination I have provided course material for the subject (microprocessors and digital design) on my website at:
It will probably come down over second semester so look at it while it is still there.

Dilution of work

At times one becomes frustrated on the lack of progress with particular project - why havn't I been able to finish this yet it isn't too hard? The answer I'm thinking at the moment which is more than applicable to me is one of dilution to take a chemistry adage (probably part in due to all the PCB's I've recently been etching). When a chemical (take Ammonium Persulphate for example - my current etchant of choice) is diluted it will still etch boards - just a whole lot slower. This seems apparent to how projects are coming along - between lecturering, supervising, researching, consulting and leading 2 study groups the time spent on projects seems somewhat diluted.
Realistically if I had one week completely free of distractions I could probably finish all the code for the submarine and have it running the the water for some testing - but when is that week going to come - not soon it would seem.