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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Student projects

Every year I've been teaching at uni I have been supervising some pretty interesting and cool final year student projects. In the past these have included submarines, walking robots, flying robots, intelligent taps and even some robosoccer action. This year promises the same with a number of UAV guidance and targetting systems, Rubik's cube solving robots, in-car CAN bus monitors and even a (minature) Segway!
For now though I have some videos from some of last years rad projects:

Peter's Quad rotor helicopter:

Duc's Insectabot:

Daniel, Evan and Ruskin's Soccerbot:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Soldering Tutorials

This is my third year of lecturing a microcontrollers subject at university. One of the labs not closely related to microcontrollers, but a useful skill for electronic engineers to have is soldering. This year I decided to go away from individual soldering demonstrations for each student at their desks and go for the YouTube approach.
The through-hole video shows a very standard through hole approach, whereas the SMT video shows a "Tack-and-hold" approach which uses only a matchstick as the specialised tool.