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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Followup ROV tests

Several modification have been made to the ROV to improve performance:
- The large buoyancy tanks have been removed and replaced with smaller strips of foam
- Some holes were cut in the bottom grate to improve water flow.
- Sinkers have been fitted to fine-tune the buoyancy
- 12V 3A SLA battery was fitted
The results were the ROV is now considerably faster - 14cm/second with a turn speed of 45 degrees per second.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

ROV Motor Shrouds

When using the ROV in the moat it was noticed that weed getting caught in the propellors was a significant issue. Also if the ROV gets too close to the wall the propellors can hit the wall stalling the motors - probably not too good for the motor controllers! (Current limiting was one feature I didn't explicitly build in for lack of microcontroller pins).
Below are some photos of the motor shrouds - they are not yet on the ROV as they need some minor alterations.
They were basically lengths of 100mm PVC pipe with slots cut out and then bent into position (when heated with a blowtorch). Besides that you can see what I had for dinner the previous night.